Waterpolo is a game that needs both skill and power in the water. Waterpolo is an ever growing sport at Danville and each and every year the numbers grow. Danville has very strong and competitive teams and with the provincial coaches on board, Danville’s Waterpolo is reaching new highs. Waterpolo is not played much in the primary schools and here at Danville we like to get our grade 8 learners into this exciting, skillful game nice and early. We provide clinics in term 4 for our grade 7 learners from the local schools. Danville’s waterpolo season gets underway in term 2 with pre-season for the very busy term 3 & 4 season.

Danville attends the top St Anne’s annual first team waterpolo tournament in Pietermaritzburg, playing the top schools in the country, while our other age groups attend the local tournaments. Each and every year Danville has players attending KZN trials and making us at Danville very proud.