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Representative Council of Learners



The RCL members represent each grade in the school and are voted into position in a democratic election. The RCL serves the very important function of building school spirit through participation and encouragement as well as bringing issues of the student body to the attention of the school management. Each member of the RCL is committed to working alongside her team to ensure the success of the various projects they are involved in.

In 2019, the RCL formed a subcommittee on diversity which met for a few weeks and worked on a presentation. Different people in our diverse Danville Family researched and spoke about various aspects of their culture. The presentation was done for each grade and the girls answered questions about the code of conduct and cultural issues.

One of the things the diversity committee proposed was to celebrate Heritage Day in cultural dress. This was approved and on a chosen school day each year, the girls now come to school in a variety of outfits reflecting our diverse heritage.