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Milkwood Educational Trust

Milkwood Trust

The Milkwood Educational Trust (previously The Danville Park Girls’ High School Trust) is a not for profit charitable trust that was established in 1985. Its sole purpose is to raise funds and provide support to the school. The board of trustees operates independently of the school and the majority of its trustees are required, in terms of its trust deed, to comprise persons who are not members of the School Governing Body or staff of the school.

Over the years the Trust has undertaken numerous projects that have benefited the school in countless ways, including raising funds for the Astroturf hockey field, construction of the waiting area at the school entrance, the repainting of the school, sports and cultural tours and the purchase of the new school bus.

Some of the events that have been organised by the Trust include a Wine Tasting, Golf Day, Barnyard Theatre and Duck Race.

Projects in progress include a new world-class resource centre, an enlarged uniform shop, new classrooms, additional bursaries and an improved kitchen.

For further information, please feel free to contact us on 031 560 0350 or email admin@danville.co.za