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Environmental Programmes



Danville is a flourishing Eco-School. We work continuously towards maintaining our Eco-Schools status through creating environmental consciousness among staff, learners and management. Danville has been involved in the programme since 2004 and has been awarded a certificate and flag every year for our sustained environmental projects. Danville was awarded the International Flag Decade Award in 2019 for 15 years of participation. Recent themes that were covered include: 2015 – water; 2016 – waste; 2017 – health and well-being; 2018 – marine and coasts; 2019 – biodiversity and nature. Our theme for 2020 is climate change.



The Water Explorer (WE) Programme is an international internet-based programme where various challenges are completed for points. The programme not only looks at direct ways that water can be saved, but it also addresses secret water (hidden water) used to make products/grow food etc., global availability of water and water pollution. Danville has participated in the WE Programme since its inception in 2015, when Danville was placed first in South Africa. Danville was also a South African finalist in 2017. One of the main features of this programme for Danville is that the whole school was included in the programme in 2017 when all teachers and learners were involved in at least one challenge. Some of the WE challenges have now been integrated into the curriculum in various Learning Areas.