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Public Speaking


The debating season is always a busy one for our Senior team and a growing Junior team who participate in the Durban Coastal Debating League (DCDL). In 2019, we welcomed Mr le Roux to Danville but more importantly to Debating. He has extensive Debating experience and a wealth of knowledge to share.

Danville selects a Debating team every year to represent the school at the annual National All Girls’ School Festival where the learners gain valuable experience and have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Danville has been acknowledged as a DCDL top ranked school for 2019 and was placed third out of 22 participating schools in the league. What a prestigious and honourable accolade with which to end off the season!


This internationally acclaimed course is offered to both Grade 10 and 11 learners at Danville. In 2019 we hosted one combined group under the exceptional guidance of Attie Swanepoel, a distinguished Toastmaster himself. This course is a definite winner for anyone who would like to master the art of public speaking and gain extra confidence in becoming more articulate.

Whilst the course is a riveting experience, the highlight is certainly the Grand Finale which entails the group organizing their own Graduation Dinner to showcase their newly acquired skills. Thus far Danville has performed exceptionally well with many learners securing first position in Impromptu and Prepared Speeches.