Clubs & Societies

Danville prides itself on offering a variety of clubs and societies to further increase the holistic nature of the schooling at DPGHS.

Students’ Christian Association

SCA provides an opportunity for girls to associate as Christians in a friendly and non-threatening way to focus on worship and share words of encouragement. The theme for 2016 is “From dust we rise to live a life that will inspire others”. We focus on widening our friendship groups across all grades to promote fellowship and to improve our qualities as friends. Our emphasis is on unity and mutual respect, rather than on doctrinal issues. From time to time, we invite guest speakers to share motivating experiences with our group and we have very talented students among us who love to play the piano or guitar …and even the drums!

Amagugu Heritage Group

The Amagugu Heritage Group is a society for the Zulu girls to celebrate and promote their culture. We aim to encourage the girls’ pride in and understanding of their culture and language through dancing, singing, poetry and talks from experts. The girls also immerse themselves in Charity work as they have “adopted” Grade R and Grade 1 learners at a school in the Ndwedwe rural area. Last year we sponsored them with stationery and this year we are fundraising to provide them with aprons.

Hindu Students’ Association

Each week a group of dedicated and enthusiastic girls meet to engage in informative and highly entertaining discussions on a variety of issues relevant to Hinduism. Our vision is to encourage girls to respect their beliefs and to take pride in their identity as a Hindu.
Charity work is very important to the HSA as serving the community is fundamental to our beliefs. We undertake several visits to baby homes and donate money to many worthy initiatives. Throughout the year, fundraising events are held : Cake sales and Market Day have proven to be a great success, giving our members a chance to exercise their entrepreneurial talents for the benefit of others. Although our numbers continue to grow, we have maintained a close “family” bond, united by our mutual love for Hinduism.

Muslim Students’ Association

The MSA provides a platform that allows learners who share an Islamic belief the opportunity to bond through prayer and an appreciation of their culture. The weekly meetings provide an opportunity for lively debate and discussion centred on the practical, everyday application of our tenets of faith.

The members of the MSA are enthusiastic participants in their outreach programmes, helping the less fortunate, by doing community service. Projects range from visiting the elderly to entertaining the young children Memories of making someone smile and of the life lessons learned will forever be etched in our hearts.


Toastmasters is an internationally acclaimed public speaking course offered to Grade 11 learners who, during the course, master the challenges of the Prepared Speech, the Impromptu Speech and Evaluation. Participation in the course has built the confidence of many learners as they face the one challenge many people dread, speaking in public.


Our Heritage Societies provide an oasis in the bustle of the school week. Like-minded girls have this opportunity to discuss spiritual issues, pray together and assist those less fortunate than themselves in outreach programmes. All girls are welcome to attend any of the Heritage Society meetings.