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Heritage Societies

Danville prides itself on offering a variety of clubs and societies to further increase the holistic nature of their schooling.

Amagugu Heritage Society

The Amagugu Heritage Society is a group of girls from all grades who come together to learn more about the traditional customs of the isiZulu culture, mainly dance. Under the guidance of our talented choreographer, Khaya Ngubane, the girls produce dance routines across different genres within the black community, such as traditional, gqom and gumboot dances.

Some of the highlights from last year include the lively gumboot performance at the Grade 7 Orientation Evening, our annual performance at the isiZulu Best Speaker Competition, which received much acclaim, and for the first time, an enthralling performance at Danville’s first ever Culture Showcase.


Hindu Students’ Association

The Hindu Students’ Association (HSA) works towards preserving a sense of culture and spirituality in its young members, so as to reawaken these values in today’s modernized and material society. Our vision is to encourage girls to respect their beliefs and to take pride in their identity as a Hindu.

Weekly meetings are held where we focus on religion, spirituality and philanthropy. We presented the school with an informative assembly and a stunning dance performance based on Navarathri. Being involved in the HSA creates a sense of belonging and gives a greater understanding of the Hindu culture, which in turn encourages interest and spirituality.

Although our numbers continue to grow, we have maintained a close “family” bond, united by our mutual love for Hinduism.

Muslim Students’ Association

The MSA provides a platform that allows learners who share an Islamic belief the opportunity to bond through prayer and an appreciation of their culture. The weekly meetings provide an opportunity for lively debate and discussion centred on the practical, everyday application of our tenets of faith.

The members of the MSA are enthusiastic participants in their outreach programmes, helping the less fortunate by doing community service. They continue to support a school feeding programme. Their main outreach project is their Ramadan Treasure Box Drive which always receives phenomenal support from the greater Danville family. The boxes are personally delivered by the members who are continually overwhelmed by the gratitude demonstrated by the young recipients.

Prayer facilities are available in Ms Randeree’s classroom so that the midday prayer can be performed timeously. From their spiritual Friday meetings wherein the Holy Quraan is recited, a tradition of spending an afternoon a term together has emerged.



Students’ Christian Association

SCA provides an opportunity for girls to associate as Christians in a friendly and non-threatening way to focus on worship and share words of encouragement. The focus of 2019 was on God’s unfailing love for us and once again they could testify to God’s goodness, His grace and His mercy on their lives.

The group focusses on widening their friendship groups across all grades to promote fellowship and to improve the quality of their friendships. The emphasis is on unity and mutual respect, rather than on doctrinal issues. From time to time guest speakers are invited to share motivating experiences with the group and some Danville girls also share their testimonies.

They read the Word of God as often as possible and some interesting and insightful discussions often follow after reading passages of the Bible.




Heritage Day

At the end of the third term we celebrate Heritage Day with a special assembly. Our talented Danville performers share a story of our heritage, followed by dances representative of the various cultures of our country.

 Learners pay R10 (which is donated to charity), to come to school dressed in their heritage finery, and the school is ablaze with colour, reflecting our rich and diverse South African society.