Art Enrichment provides time in the art room for the senior Visual art learners to work on their current artworks. This is an extension of the usual art practical lessons which enables our enthusiastic artists to receive personal attention from our Art teachers.
We also welcome aspiring artists who were unable to accommodate Visual Art in their subject package, to work on drawings and paintings under the guidance of the Art teachers.

Art Club is a gathering of Grade 8 and 9 pupils who are passionate about creativity. The girls are introduced to a variety of creative media from drawing to painting, ink work, collage, pastel, upcycling of products and stitching within an artwork. They are given a brief and are introduced to a variety of artists who become their inspiration as they work on creating their own masterpieces.

Art Exhibitions The Annual Grade 12 Art Exhibition is held over 3-4 days in the third term. This provides a platform for each artist to showcase a selection of her major works. The exhibition coincides with the NSC external moderation.

The Annual Grade 10 and 11 Art Exhibition takes place at the end of the third term.