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All Girls’ Festival


The 20th National All Girls’ Festival took place in Paarl in April last year. It was jointly hosted by Paarl Girls’ High School and La Rochelle Girls’ High School. For the participants it was a wonderful experience in the Boland surrounded by majestic mountains.

The group flew to Cape Town and after registration enjoyed a magnificent opening ceremony shared with over a thousand other girls from 22 girls’ schools from across the country. That evening they checked into Goudini Spa, which was forty minutes outside Paarl through the Huguenot tunnel.

The nine codes split up and enjoyed all that was on offer. The two girls doing Master Chef were treated to visits to chocolate and cheese factories, and not only watched top chefs working, but also prepared food themselves. The three girls doing Master Minds enjoyed the very full programme around Paarl, while the art girls produced sculptures, and the drama group had great fun doing the varied programme. Our debating team and public speakers came back enriched by the experience. The three sport codes – hockey, netball and tennis – came up against some of the strongest teams in South Africa and flew the Danville flag high.