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The Drama Department is always immersed in the excitement and challenge of fresh performances. While the shows are aimed at entertaining the audiences, the real value lies in the process of putting the show “on the boards”. Turning creative dreams into practical realities is a challenge and we have been delighted to watch our actors and directors blossom as they reach their goals.

We have produced some top performers: Zola Myeza (2010), Gugu Gumede (2011) and Amanda Kunene (2013) each won the prestigious ACT/DALRO/Nedbank Performance Scholarship; Nandi Mngoma is a well-known media and television personality; Laura Elliott is a sought after DJ to the stars in Europe and America. But Drama is not only about becoming a star. It is about developing each learner’s personal confidence and communication skills as learning how to work effectively within groups to make real time deadlines.

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In the first term of school we host our very popular [email protected] arts performance festival.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to unwind, shop at our night market, enjoy supper in the food court and be entertained by the Danville Diamonds.

The show consists of a musical, mime show, dance show and our young directors showcase their productions.

The evening includes a night market where our budding entrepreneurs have inexpensive, hand-made items on sale as well as mouth-watering treats. All the above is accompanied with melodious sounds by our talented musicians and singers.

This is always a wonderful evening where one can enjoy an unforgettable theatrical experience from our very talented Danville Diamonds.


House Plays

A highlight of the year is when the Grade 11 learners write and direct their own plays which are staged in a fiercely contested competition to determine the best play.

The participants learn theatre craft as they master the technologies of intelligent lights, surround sound, projections as well as the more traditional aspects of acting, costume, make up and set design and construction.

Awards are presented for:

  • Best Script
  • Best Stage and Space
  • Best Lighting
  • Best Sound Effects and Music
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Costumes
  • Best Make-up
  • Most Promising Actress
  • Most Outstanding Performance
  • Best Director/Producer
  • Best Play



Culture Showcase

Our highly successful Culture Showcase takes place at the end of term 3.

Our creative team of Mrs van Loggerenberg, Mrs Padayachee, Mr Le Roux, Ms Devraj and Mrs Jenkins had the tough task of selecting the showcase items from the rich offering presented by our talented singers, dancers, actors, artists, musicians and speakers.  We were delighted to have so many of our girls willing to share their talents with an appreciative audience.