Diamond Award for Excellence


In 2012, Sarisha Chetty made history for Danville when she was placed first in South Africa among Quintile 5 schools.

As a result of Sarisha’s achievement, Danville recognised the need to create a new award – the Diamond Award for Excellence. This new honour is now awarded to past pupils in recognition of exceptional achievement.  Sarisha Chetty was the first recipient of this award in 2012. The Class of 2015 was then awarded the trophy for achieving the best overall results in South Africa, with a 100% pass rate as well as a 100% Bachelors pass rate.

In 2017, Joanna Smith was the third recipient of the prestigious award when she was placed third in South Africa among Quintile 5 schools.

It was an extra-special Founders’ Day assembly in 2019, when guest speaker Amanda Kunene (Class of 2012) was presented with the Danville Diamond Award for Excellence, only the fourth recipient of this award to past learners for exceptional achievement. Amanda stars as Nala in the touring production of Disney’s Lion King in the East – an exceptional achievement for a young African performer.