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At Danville we believe it really is better to give than to receive, and we have many opportunities for you to do exactly that!

You can bring a smile to someone’s face or lend a helping hand with any one of our Service Extra Murals.

Service Committee

The Service Committee is a dedicated group of young ladies who have worked tirelessly to make their vision of a school that gives generously, a reality.  Their actions have helped us raise our standards of “giving”. While the committee consists of Grade 11 and 12 learners, everyone in the school is encouraged to participate in service initiatives to assist organisations in our community. Guided by the community service prefects they organise a number of events throughout the year. Service is a way of life at Danville.


67 Minutes for Mandela

It is always a joyous and special occasion to be able to put aside time to honour Nelson Mandela’s legacy and serve our community. Every year for 67 minutes all academic work stops and service begins. The school is a hive of service activity and filled with a spirit of generosity and compassion. Learners roll up their sleeves and share in a variety of activities to help serve our community and honour the memory of Nelson Mandela. Projects vary from year to year but the spirit remains the same: our girls link hands to lift the spirits of those less fortunate than they are.

Book Covering for LEARN

Once a week the learners meet after school for an hour to cover books for the LEARN project. These books will then be used to stock libraries in schools who previously did not have one. This is a great opportunity to chat to your friends and  help our community.

Helping Hands

“Upskill while you chill”!

Helping Hands provides an opportunity for girls to learn new skills in a relaxed environment as they knit, crochet and engage in various crafts in support of various charity drives. Last year over 100 ladies participated during the course of the year. Many young ladies have learned to knit or crochet confidently and have used these skills to bless others by knitting squares for blankets. All their hard work is donated to organisations that help those in need, with 67 Blankets for Mandela being our primary beneficiary. It is a relaxed atmosphere where the learners give of their time, resources and creativity to create something that will warm someone’s body and heart.

High Tea

Every year we host a High Tea for charity. The service committee organises the tickets and decor and ensures that all the funds raised are distributed to charity. It is a wonderful time to celebrate the sisterhood at Danville, share delicious treats and help our community at the same time.

Shoe Donation

When our Matric learners bid farewell to Danville, they step out of their school shoes and leave them behind to be donated to charity. Last year Danville partnered with Soul2Sole for the school shoe collection initiative.

The shoes are all kept together in pairs and marked with shoe sizes so as they can be easily sorted and distributed to the relevant schools. In December 2019, 2113 pairs of shoes were collected by Soul2Sole from their school partners.