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At Danville, the mentor is seen as “a trusted and wiser older sister.” Whether serving as an Academic Mentor in Mathematics, Afrikaans and English to build the confidence of their peers or as Orientation Mentors to enable the Grade 8’s to settle into their new high school comfortably and happily, the mentors gently walk alongside those needing support until they are confident enough to cope on their own.


Orientation Mentors

The orientation mentors play an important part in school leadership. They are responsible for facilitating our new Grade 8 learners’ adjustment to life at Danville. The transition from primary school can be a daunting one, and our mentors do an excellent job of guiding and supporting the Grade 8s in this process.

They are actively involved in planning and hosting the Grade 8 Orientation Day, as well as numerous other Grade 8 events. They are a trusted presence on the Grade 8 field before school and during breaks to ensure that the new girls feel comfortable and are quick to provide support and encouragement when needed.




English Mentors

The English mentors are a group of very diligent and dedicated young women who assist learners with barriers to learning and challenges with reading during breaks. We are so grateful for their enthusiasm, hard work and commitment.

We are also proud of their selflessness in being willing to sacrifice their breaks to help their peers. They are a valuable addition to the support structures offered by the Department of English.









Afrikaans Mentors

One of the great joys in life is taking what you have learned and teaching it to others. We have a committed group of Grade 10 and 11 girls who willingly give up their breaks to assist Grade 8 and 9 learners to improve their Afrikaans.

When our Afrikaans mentors use their knowledge to help others, they do not only teach them, but learn more about Afrikaans themselves. It also gives the mentors an opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills. The juniors are given an opportunity to ask questions and learn in a one-on-one environment. We are very grateful for our mentors’ dedication and hard work.







Maths Mentors

A large number of our Grade 9 to 12 learners make themselves available on one afternoon of the week to mentor learners who need help with their Maths. The Maths mentoring programme at school is called Maths Hot Seat, and each learner has a mentor helping her while she works through revision material. The one-on-one help that the mentors give alongside the educators is extremely beneficial, and learners manage to improve on their marks. 

 Thank you to our Maths mentors for their diligence in helping the girls to improve their Maths. We truly appreciate your dedication.